Friday, September 14, 2012

How to hang photos

What's a creative way to display photographs?

Put the photographs on the walls. You can display them in different frames, in clusters, with other objects like mirrors intermixed, regardless of how you display them the important fact is that you DO. Photos are meant to be seen not stored in boxes or files on the computer. Especially with children....its like their artwork making the fridge. If a child sees their photograph on the wall it gives them a sense of accomplishment, and belonging. Children love to see themselves displayed on the wall just as much as they like seeing their artwork on the fridge.

This DOES NOT need to be an expensive project.  I had two of the frames you see in the photos.  The rest of them I bought for a few dollars at a local thrift shop.  I gave them a fresh coat of paint and WALA!  

Having photos taken of your family is a huge investment.  So, hanging photos is something I take seriously.  Since I am re-doing my girls room and hanging photos I thought I would take the opportunity to blog about actually mounting photos to the wall.  The one thing you must take into consideration first is:  at what height should you hang the photos?  Photos should be hung at about eye level.  Now remember as with everything rules can be broken so this is NOT a hard rule.  Photos can be hung higher and or lower especially when you are hanging in clusters.  

The next thing you want to do is lay the photos the way you want them on the wall.     

Once you have decided how you want to display your photos you will want to trace each frame on a piece of paper and cut them out.  Tape the papers to the wall the way you eventually want your photos to hang.    

After you have your papers on the wall, and you are thinking "this is such a major process".....get your hammer and nails out!  Place the nails through the paper into the wall.

The best part......REMOVE THE PAPER!!! This is where you find out if all the work was worth it.  Once you have the paper removed you can hang the photos.  And like magic your photos are hung exactly where and how you wanted them on the wall! 

One tip....if you purchase frames that do not have a hanging element on the back do what I do.....IMPROVISE!!!  All you need is some wire and a staple gun.  Oh, how I love tools!!!


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