Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The many adventures of Aynn and Brooke Chapter 105: Abandoned!

Chapter 105:  Abandoned!
So about 1 mile into my run tonight with Brooke a car drives up and pulls over. We are curious as to what exactly is going on???  The car door opens, a dog gets out and the car drives off. Little doggie left alone on the side of the road. WHO DOES THIS????? You can tell he has had a collar (it has been removed), he is well groomed, nails are clipped, neutered and he does not smell like dirty dog. Thoughts anyone........

Doggie is home with me for now. Very scared. Really sweet. Very abandoned.

Chapter 106:  New Home!!!

So I took the dog to a veterinary clinic today and he has a micro chip. They were telling me I had to leave him there they called animal control....blah blah blah.....I'm standing there thinking did I do the right thing???? Another lady at a clinic told me that the law does not require that I leave him so I fought them on it and I talked to the officer. Luckily I know one of the animal control officers so he was really nice and said I could take him home until they figured out what was going on. I guess someone is going to get in trouble for pet abandonment, and if they don't want him back I can "adopt" him. . Urggggg. Hopefully the people that abandoned him are not the actual owners maybe just some disgruntled neighbors. I could kick myself for not getting the license plate number. How come our FBI skills did not kick in Brooke? LOL.

About a week later Brooke asked, "Have you heard back from the po-po"?  I replied, "The Po-Po can kiss my po-po. LOL!!!! They have never gotten back to me". Brooke and I were in the right place at the right time.  We found him or maybe he found us?   My friends keep teasing me that this is the ONLY way I would get a dog (Abandoned, abused, I will take you in).  I've never had a dog.  When I was younger a cat, a rabbit, a guinea pig and a fish (not at the same time).  This dog is not much bigger than any of those animals so I hope I can handle him!?  Cisco has a new home. 

Me and Brookie
Thank you everyone for all your encouragement, and comments on FB.  Aynn Thurman

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