Saturday, August 25, 2012


I made it!!!!  My photography blog was voted into the Circle of Moms Top 25 Photographer Moms - 2012!  Yes, I did enter the race late but because I have great fans I was able to make the list as #25!!!  I am so excited and would love for you to stop by the site to take a look  Thank you everyone that encouraged me to do this as well as those that voted.

About Me & My Blog Top 25 Blogger FAQs

  • What's your favorite subject to photograph, besides your kids?

    Besides photographing children I love to take photographs of anything old. I love antiques, old buildings, things you think have lost value but have a history/story to tell.
  • Which camera do you usually use?

    I usually use my Nikon D700 with a 50mm lens. However, I tell people, "Even if you don't have a nice camera use what you have. This could include a simple point and shoot or even your cell phone camera. The idea is to capture the moment". I often look back on photos of me as a child. The photos were taken with some sort of film camera, of very low quality, but it does not matter to me. I treasure all those photos, fancy camera or not!
  • What's a creative way to display photographs?

    Put the photographs on the walls. You can display them in different frames, in clusters, with other objects like mirrors intermixed, regardless of how you display them the important fact is that you DO. Photos are meant to be seen not stored in boxes or files on the computer. Especially with children....its like their artwork making the fridge. If a child sees their photograph on the wall it gives them a sense of accomplishment, and belonging. Children love to see themselves displayed on the wall just as much as they like seeing their artwork on the fridge.

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  1. Congrats Aynn, you deserve it! See you in a few weeks.

    Friends in Fresno