Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The way photographers play with fire - in honor of Bill Bontempo

I love this man!!!!! Short shorts and knee high socks. Thank you Heidi for sending me this. I will always remember what an amazing man he was. Mountain Trail would not have been complete without him. My sister Heidi Rote, my childhood brother Chris Bontempo and Bill Bontempo my second family! 
Love you all always.

Heidi I just wanted to say the funeral service was so amazing! Sad at times but mostly a wonderful way to pay tribute to an amazing man. All the things people had to say about him was beautiful it was like everyone painted a collaborative picture about his amazing character, his witty charm, his charisma, his passion for life, his compassion and unconditional love.

And the reception after was filled with laughter, cheer, music, and a reconnection of bringing loved ones together. Bill would not have wanted it any other way. He was big on fun and i'm glad we had some.

And the sparklers really were an amazing idea because he lit the way and the journey for so many. Like your friend Jennifer Boros said," I know it's hard now, but how cool that on this very day and for all of your years to come.....each firework in the nighttime sky will forever remind you of your daddy."

I love you and your family. I am so grateful I could be a part of the celebration!

Good times sister! Hugs!

Can you see the "BILL - Heart"?  Look closely cause it is there.

Heart - "B" - Heart!!!!   

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