Sunday, August 26, 2012

The GO - AHEAD....Photograph to a painting.

I was commissioned by a very talented artist, Bradford Salamon, to take some photos of three children for some portraits he was creating for a family.  Gladly I took on the project.  It was so flattering to know that my photography work was valued and admired enough that someone would want to create paintings from my work.  While I was in CA the paintings were finished I went to the studio to see them.  I was speechless and could not stop staring at them.  Today I got the GO-AHEAD from Bradford that the family has seen the paintings and now I can post photos of them on my blog!!!!  Exciting!!!  

       Here are some other photos from the shoot we did together.  In some of the shots you can see me working with the kids.  One thing I have learned is that children often get bored easy so you have to keep it light and fun.  The beach is a great place for that!  Also, this shoot took place on Mother's Day and so I decided to do some shots with mom.  She was a great sport and we got some 
good photos of her with her 3 boys. 

The pile up.

Take time to play.

Happy Mother's Day!

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